Hireology adds ChatGPT AI to auto retailing HR technology platform

Hireology adds ChatGPT AI to auto retailing HR technology platform

Hireology is beta testing the new ChatGPT tech, hoping it will help auto retailers speed their hiring process.

Hireology is debuting a new technology tool designed to bring ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence chatbot to automotive retailers’ human resources operations.

The Chicago dealership recruitment technology company is launching a beta test of Beaker, which is designed to speed the hiring process by generating high-quality job descriptions in seconds. It relies on ChatGPT, a form of AI developed by OpenAI that can process language and communicate as a person would.

“Speed is the most important factor in filling open positions,” Hireology CEO Adam Robinson told Automotive News. “This technology will help dealers shave time off their hiring process and deliver a more engaging experience for the applicant, enabling them to hire people faster and thereby keep their roster full.”

Beaker automates process steps so employers can post new jobs more quickly, Hireology said. A user can input details such as job title and location and Beaker will generate a “clear and concise” description useful for search purposes, according to the company.

Robinson said Hireology made a quick decision to adapt ChatGPT to its platform about four months ago, not long after the technology launched, and to learn about its full capabilities. ChatGPT has been used for everything from conversations to writing stories.

Beaker is launching as a limited-availability beta, with a small number of the company’s dealer customers to start. Hireology plans to build a waiting list with a goal of having several hundred dealerships using the initial version of Beaker, Robinson said. From there, the goal is to get “immediate and relevant” feedback to improve the tool over time.

The tool is an added service for Hireology customers, with no extra fee, according to a company spokesperson.

The broader strategy involves rolling out the service to Hireology’s customer base of more than 10,000 businesses in various industries, the spokesperson said. Beyond automotive retail, that includes hospitality, home and facility care, plus professional consumer services.

The emergence of Beaker comes as the retail auto industry is contemplating ChatGPT’s potential to help sell cars and improve back-office processes. Automakers also are looking at the technology. General Motors, for example, is exploring how it might use ChatGPT as part of a broader collaboration with Microsoft.

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