Here’s what next week’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre patch will address

Here’s what next week’s Texas Chain Saw Massacre patch will address

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Gun Interactive has confirmed a fix for Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s latest Victim is on the way.

Addressing players via its social media channels and the game’s subreddit, Gun revealed that issues regarding Virginia’s skill tree and her unlockable cosmetics should be resolved when the patch rolls out on 16th April.

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That’s not all the team detailed, either. Gun Interactive says it’s now fixed – albeit only “in testing” for now – a handful of pressing bugs, including Family members being unable to be door stunned, Danny’s inability to tamper anything, and Sissy’s OP poison permeating through wall gaps, crawl spaces, and barricades.

A couple of other issues are under investigation, too – chiefly Virgina’s Boon and Bone Scraps where if you use her ability on Nugget, it will incorrectly use a bone scrap and the “Leatherface Rev Exploit” wherein Leatherface can bypass door stuns if he revs in a very particular way – but as yet, there’s no fix.

Issues interacting with Grandpa and animation bugs when dealing with traps and snares require more information, so if you come across anything like that, the team invites you to let them know here. Make sure to provide any videos, images, and all details you have, so the teams has “all the data needed to properly investigate”.

Several fans, however, have conveyed their continuing frustration with lobby times, something I brought up way back when the game was launched.

“I’m sorry but this is so disappointing. Lobby times is one of the biggest issues right now and it’s not even addressed here,” said one subredditor in a comment that’s had almost 200 upvotes. “I refuse to play Victim anymore because I just don’t have the patience to wait around 5-10 mins between games.

“And then when I play Family, if one family member leaves, it won’t fill. Which forces me to quit back to lobby and then further screws over all the victims that waited five minutes just for the family to disconnect as soon as the lobby starts.

“Lobby wait times is going to be the biggest reason you can’t get any new players to stick around,” they added. “How will anyone have the patience to learn this game if they have to wait so long between matches and then when they get in a match, no one will play with them since they are low-level? The player base will never grow if this isn’t addressed soon.”

I’ve spent many a glorious hour with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre since its release, and I did have a bloody good time with it (well, when people weren’t lobby dodging or cheating, anyways). However, poor server stability at launch and confusing onboarding saw it get 3 stars out of 5 at the time.

Since then, the game has seen its modest playerbase whittle away (right now, there are less than a thousand players logging on via Steam), with some fans unhappy with the game’s monetisation strategy after Gun and Sumo outlined DLC plans.

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