Helldivers 2 studio seeking more developers so it can “accelerate and beef up” content plans

Helldivers 2 studio seeking more developers so it can “accelerate and beef up” content plans

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Following impressive launch weekend.

A Helldivers 2 screenshot showing players battling armies of scuttling and flying aliens on a hostile desert planet.

Image credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

Satirical sci-fi shooter sequel Helldivers 2 has got off to a flying start, and now its creator Arrowhead Game Studios has put out a call for fresh development talent so it can “accelerate and beef up” its post-launch content plans.

Despite some early technical woes, which Arrowhead has been hard at work trying resolve since Friday’s release on PlayStation 5 and PC, Helldivers 2 has enjoyed a positive critical reception and strong player numbers, even becoming PlayStation Studios’ biggest Steam launch to date as it amassed over 150,000 concurrents this weekend.

Amid that early success, Arrowhead CEO and Helldivers 2 creative director Johan Pilestedt has taken to social media on a recruitment drive, seeking out “more amazing developers” who can “help [the studio] accelerate and beef up our content plans”.

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Pilestedt added that specific job listings will be shared on Arrowhead’s recruitment site soon, but noted, “If you are a senior dev there’s always the ‘open application'”.

Currently, Arrowhead is focused on providing fixes for Helldivers 2’s initial technical issues – with logins, server capacity, progression, and rewards all receiving attention in patches earlier this week – and the studio is yet to detail its future content plans. However, it recently addressed the status of its development roadmap on Helldivers’ official Discord, saying, “It’s coming”.

The good news is Helldivers 2 is already a “wonderfully slapstick co-op experience”, as Eurogamer contributor Emma Kent put it in her four out of five review. “Unexpected and memorable events seem to occur in nearly every battle,” she wrote, “and I already have a stock of ludicrous stories from my first week with the game.”

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