During the visit with Šolcs, Kariņš states that the continuation of support for Ukraine is in the interest of every European

LATVIA,RIGA  – Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on March 1 to discuss support for Ukraine in the fight against Russian military aggression, the security situation in Europe and the upcoming NATO summit in Vilnius this summer, as well as Latvian and German bilateral relations and economic cooperation, reports LTV.

During the talks between the two leaders, the situation in Ukraine was in the center of attention. Kariņš and Šolcs repeatedly repeated that Europe will continue to provide support to Ukraine as long as it is needed.

Scholz pointed out that Germany has provided the largest financial and military aid to Ukraine, right after the United States.

However, it was also recognized that it was important to work on convincing the public about the importance and also the costs of long-term aid.

“Continuing support for Ukraine is in the interest of every European. Otherwise, if Russia succeeds in achieving what it intends to do in Ukraine, the question would arise, what does it mean for the security of all other European countries? It would be a gloomy world. We must not allow it,” admitted Kariņš.

“That’s why we have to keep our resolve. I personally believe that it can be done, that the West is extremely resilient. Authoritarian regimes always underestimate the power of democracies.”

Journalists also asked whether Latvia is not afraid that the West will pressure Ukraine to start peace talks before all its territory is liberated.

Kariņš replied: “No, we are not afraid of that, because neither the USA, nor Germany, nor anywhere else in the EU and NATO alliance have any evidence of it. The support for Ukraine will continue.

Our common challenge is in Latvia, Germany, France, Great Britain, the USA – to ensure that our societies understand that this is not a short-term event, it is not only until the end of spring, it will probably last for several more years.”

German Chancellor Scholz repeatedly emphasized that the NATO alliance is ready to defend the Baltic states and Poland against any aggression.

“Together we will defend every square centimeter of NATO territory,” Scholz said.

The German chancellor admitted that Germany and Latvia are united by the desire to promote peace, stability and security in Europe.

“With our meeting today, we want to add another chapter to the close and reliable partnership between Latvia and Germany. The focus of our conversation was, of course, the current security situation on NATO’s eastern flank. We are united by the desire for just peace, stability and security in Europe,” said Soltz.

Scholz pointed out that during the past year, Europe has demonstrated unprecedented unity.

“Putin did not expect such a decisive reaction when he gave the order to invade Ukraine. It surprised and annoyed him,” Scholz concludes.

The need to increase military production was also emphasized. Kariņš congratulated Šolcs that Germany has finally taken a more active role.

Germany will ensure it has enough spare parts and repair capacity in its defense sector after a year of military aid to Ukraine and that Germany will increase ammunition production, the German chancellor promised.

It has been reported that the German Chancellor will meet US President Joe Biden in Washington on Friday, March 3, and the war in Ukraine will also be in the center of attention in these talks.

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