Diablo 4’s Wild Marketing Continues With Sarah Michelle Gellar Vampire Hunting Contest

Diablo 4’s Wild Marketing Continues With Sarah Michelle Gellar Vampire Hunting Contest

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Oh, you thought just because Diablo 4 came out four months ago they were ending their bizarre celebrity marketing campaign? We had a Halsey/SUGA Diablo 4 song, we had Megan Fox roasting hardcore player deaths. Now we have uh, Sarah Michelle Gellar telling players to hunt real-life vampires. Huh?

It’s kind of exactly what it sounds like, minus you know, real vampires existing. In a new video, famed vampire hunter Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if you were born after the year 2000), asks players to submit clips of their best vampire hunting tactics.

Here’s what that means: “Brave souls are invited to show off their skills and prove their worth by submitting clips that demonstrate their hunting ability against the forces of darkness. Whether it’s the clever use of garlic or other unconventional talents, true Vampire Hunters are encouraged to get creative in their vampire hunting auditions. All have the potential to be hunters, but there can only be the Chosen Three, who will be personally selected by Gellar.”

All I’m picturing is the Star Wars kid swinging around his lightsaber in his garage, but wearing a cape and throwing out stakes instead. But yeah, I mean, the point of this is to make funny (or I suppose, badass, if that’s possible) clips about the concept of vampire hunting. These will be submitted via TikTok, Instagram or Twitter, and as it says, Gellar itself is the judge. Winners will get a bunch of battlenet credits, a plaque and stuff signed by Gellar. And I suppose the bragging rights of “I won Diablo 4’s Sarah Michelle Gellar Vampire Hunting Contest” which I mean, who can put a price on that.

I truly have no idea why Diablo 4 is so obsessed with celebrity crossovers, as they have done a ton of these in big and small ways. That’s not limited to contests or social media things either, as the game recently recruited Eternals and Crazy Rich Asians actress Gemma Chan to voice the main character of Season of Blood who has I don’t know, let’s say 50 lines of dialogue total. But they used her in a bunch of promos.

I mean hey, it’s their money. I do wonder if Buffy, which ended in 2003, is the most relevant crossover they could have done here, but everyone loves Sarah Michelle Gellar, so here we are. So uh, good luck? I ain’t doing this but I sure want to see what people come up with.

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