Darkest Dungeon 2 reveals new Kingdoms campaign mode

Darkest Dungeon 2 reveals new Kingdoms campaign mode

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A Darkest Dungeon 2 screenshot showing the new Duellist hero from its The Burning Blade DLC.

Image credit: Red Hook Studios

As part of this evening’s Triple-i livestream, the developer of Darkest Dungeon 2 has detailed a new campaign mode, Kingdoms.

Coming as part of a free update later this year, Kingdoms will challenge you to save your lands against the clock by locating and defeating one of three new monster factions.

In keeping with the game’s roguelike foundations, you’ll gather resources and battle enemies across a grid of encounters, while upgrading your heroes’ skill trees and building up a network of inns, used as safe havens.

Darkest Dungeon 2’s Kingdoms mode trailer.Watch on YouTube

“Kingdoms is an exciting project for us,” creative director Chris Bourassa said. “If you look at our release history, no game or DLC has ever retread ground, and we’re proud to continue that tradition here.

“This new mode will blend some of the permanence and roster management of the original Darkest Dungeon with the traversal and combat of Darkest Dungeon 2. At Red Hook, we evaluate projects based on their potential to elicit surprise, delight, and despair… Kingdoms hits all three.”

Eurogamer dubbed the base game as a “Lovecraftian roadtrip RPG of thrilling and suffocating intricacy” in our Darkest Dungeon 2 review. “It’s a copious and often brilliant, if not quite unmissable reworking of a powerfully grim fantasy.”

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