Danny Masterson’s Ex-Stepdad Claims ‘That ‘70s Show’ Fame Turned Actor to the ‘Dark Side’

Danny Masterson’s Ex-Stepdad Claims ‘That ‘70s Show’ Fame Turned Actor to the ‘Dark Side’

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Danny Masterson’s ex-stepdad, Joe Reaiche, is speaking out again about the actor, claiming that his former stepson’s fame from That ‘70s Show led him to “the dark side.” 

“He changed after he had the hit show [That ‘70s Show] in 1998. That’s definitely true. Because now he’s making money. Now he’s … famous,” Joe, 65, told Us Weekly in an interview that was published on Monday, September 18. “

Joe added that Danny, 47, “went down the wrong road” because of the “dark side of Hollywood.” 

“So to see that [effect from fame], is it weird? On one side, yes. But knowing Hollywood — promiscuity, women, drinking, drugs seems to be the norm,” Joe noted. “You just don’t want to get caught up into it.”

Danny’s former stepdad emphasized that he isn’t “here to bash the kid” because he “raised him.” 

“He was fine,” Joe insisted the outlet, referring to Danny’s childhood. “What he did after the divorce and separation is another transaction in itself. I didn’t control that. … He was a good kid. He didn’t like school. He was an athlete. [He] had a great father. He turned to the dark side for whatever stupid reason that he did.” 

Danny’s biological father, Peter Masterson, and his mother, Carol Masterson, divorced in the 1980s. In addition to the Men at Work alum, the former spouses share son Christopher Masterson. Following their divorce, Carol married Joe, and their marriage lasted until 1995. They share their children, Jordan and Alanna Masterson, together. 

Although he claimed he was innocent throughout his trial, Danny was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison on two counts of rape after the jury reached a verdict on September 7. The survivors read impact statements in the courtroom, with Jane Doe No. 1 telling Danny she “had no choice but to come forward” knowing he would “strike again.”  

During his recent interview, Joe emphasized that he has sympathy for Danny because he has a family — his wife, Bijou Phillips, and their daughter, Fianna Francis. 

“I feel for the kid, because he’s married. He’s got a kid,” Joe explained. “OK, people have made mistakes, but he is going to be out of [prison] when he’s 72, maybe never. I feel for [Danny’s biological father] Peter, because that’s his son. Pete’s 75 years old. If this goes the way it is, he’s going to die before his son gets out, his mother’s going to die before he gets out. The consequences are just catastrophic.” 

Joe concluded by calling his stepson’s prison sentence a “tragedy” and added, “The tragedy is the women [who accused Danny of rape] went through that nightmare. The tragedy never ends.” 

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