Create One-Sheets In a Few Seconds with Chartmetric

Create One-Sheets In a Few Seconds with Chartmetric

You can now benefit from Chartmetric’s wide database to create their artists’ one-sheet in a matter of seconds and make sure information is up-to-date and accurate!

For those who have been working on new releases a while back, you may have been putting together one-sheets to send out to record stores, magazines, radio stations, etc. All of this to give a glimpse into an artist’s career and new releases for partners and clients to place orders. Anyone who could be interested in an upcoming album would receive this one-sheet. This all went away with digital; nowadays it’s all about submitting tracks to streaming platforms directly with each account. Now, create one-sheets in seconds with Chartmetric!

Chartmetric is bringing back these artists sheets, (re)creating an easy way for any music professional to share a digital page about a band or an artist through Onesheet, acquired in October 2022 by the widest music industry database.

Create Digital Artists Pages with Chartmetric data

Once an account is created on Onesheet, any user can create a digital page for an artist by simply searching for a name in the 9 million artists database provided by Chartmetric. All the necessary information will immediately appear on the page, ready to be shared, from bio to metrics on streaming platforms, social media…

These metrics will be automatically refreshed every day, keeping all digital pages updated at any time. Looking for an artist that’s not in the Charmetric database? Add the link to their Spotify page and Onesheet will generate the page anyway. In addition, Onesheet is integrated with Bandsintown to automatically sync live shows and with YouTube to add videos and pull in images found online.

Once the sheet is created, all categories can be edited (texts, images, videos, links to add, sections to remove…). Finally, once the page is saved and published, any person with the link will be able to view the content online without having to create an account. And there it is, a simple and very fast way to create a sheet!

Announce your release on your Onesheet

More than giving all required information about an artist or band, Chartmetric’s new service allows for one key feature: Spotlight Release. Let’s say you have an upcoming or a current priority release to share, even if those haven’t  been distributed yet. You can add your SoundCloud / YouTube / Audiomack / Vimeo link in your Onesheet, which will create an embed audio/video, to play directly in the artist’s digital page. Even if it’s not released, you can put it on Onesheet to make your promotion strategy efficient and seamless.

There it is: within a few minutes, any user can create a full page for an artist and announce a release to come. The page can also be completed with contact info (name, company, contact) at the bottom to use as a presskit.

Anyone from the music business is now able to create a page for their artist. Promotion is just a share click away. By the way, the URL never changes, meaning that data will always be updated thanks to Chartmetric, and the link will always be working, up until you decide to close the page.

Pull Chartmetric data to display

With Onesheet, Chartmetric is launching the outward facing part of its dataset. In addition to all data-related insights on the music industry and tracking your artists, you can now use this information to showcase your projects. The viewing of these data allows for Chartmetric to go further in data visualization of the music industry.

Onesheet is launching in beta, with the dataset from Chartmetric at your disposal to create digital pages for your artists. Feel free to sign up to Onesheet right now free of charge. Create one-sheets in seconds with Chartmetric even if you don’t have an account!

About Chartmetric

Chartmetric is a data company, providing insights for artists, tracks and albums worldwide. The leading data platform for the music industry helps music professionals better understand actions and make the right business decisions. Charmetric is now launching the new addition to their offer: Onesheet, pulling data to create digital press kits in a matter of minutes.

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