Choir “SolLaRe” will participate in an international choir competition in Italy

From April 12 to 17, Valmiera Music School choir “SolLaRe” will participate in the Michelangelo International Music Festival in Florence (Italy). The participants of the festival will both participate in the competition and perform in several concerts in the cathedrals of Florence.
“It is a big challenge for the choir and the school. Competition, three concerts in different churches, as well as a concert at the opening and closing of the festival. The schedule is very tight. Of course, the excursion time is also scheduled to get to know the rich cultural heritage. To test and prove your ability, you have to go out into the world. Before the pandemic, we went to the European Choir Olympiad in 2019, time has passed, the composition of the choir has changed, we are going to prove ourselves again,” says Santa Tanenberga, deputy director of Valmiera Music School in the field of education.
Three pieces must be performed in the competition. In the “Children’s Choir” category, where “SolLaRe” also competes, it was necessary to choose a piece of classical music composed in the period from 1700 to 1900, a piece by a composer of the represented country and a piece chosen by oneself. “Laudate Pueri” by Felix Mendelssohn, “Debesu kalvis pērkons” by Selgas Mences and “Sharkela Varnela” by Jon Tamulionis will be performed at the competition in Florence by SolLaRe.
The participants will be judged by an international jury, representing conductors, opera singers, composers and instrumentalists.
The aim of the Michelangelo International Music Festival is to promote cultural acquaintance and exchange of experiences of different countries, especially highlighting music. The festival bears the name of the Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet Michelangelo. His works reflect the ideals of humanism, the affirmation of human beauty and limitless abilities. As the festival takes place in Florence, which is considered the cradle of the Renaissance, participants are invited to learn about the connection between world heritage and various art forms.

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