Chadians vigilant ahead of presidential elections on Monday

Chadians vigilant ahead of presidential elections on Monday

As Chad goes to the polls on Monday to vote for a new president, voters are eager to do battle with the old regime.

Indeed, the country has not held a presidential election since the death of former leader, Idriss Deby Itno, who ruled the country for three decades.

“We have come a long way, we’re ready and well prepared. So, even if we have to go out and vote today, we’re ready for it,” says Ndjamena resident, Innocent Kouldegue.

The National Election Management Authority (ANGE) has banned anyone from filming or taking photos of the results, or from publishing them on social media or any other radio or television platform.

Not true, say residents of the capital Ndjamena. They say the law does not prohibit them from photographing the results.

And some accuse ANGE of preparing to commit election fraud in favour of the interim president, Mahamat Idriss Deby, who is candidate of the former MPS party.

But Arnaud Kerebaye, also a resident of Ndjamena, says it is not true that ANGE is setting up to rig the elections in favour of the MPS, adding that he will film anyway to prove there is no fraud.

“I affirm and reaffirm that we will film the results and they can send us where they want. We will wait for them and see how they react,” he says.

Opposition supporter, Francis Nadjilem, says that in the past, “people were there to rig things”.

“So for us, the president is asking us to be guardians of this vote. So, to prevent people from hijacking our votes, we will be obliged to film,” he says.

Meanwhile, the country is holding its breath, and in every corner of the capital, people are preparing for the final campaign rallies, which are shaping up to be very hot indeed.

Chad is the first in a string of countries in the region which experienced coups in the past four years, to hold elections.

The results are expected on 21 May, with the possible second round to be held on 22 June.

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