CDK Global Study Finds EV Confusion Carries On

CDK Global Study Finds EV Confusion Carries On

As automakers continue to churn out electric vehicles (EVs) to compete with Tesla, the share of EVs keeps building. Yet, shoppers remain confused about nearly every aspect of this vehicle class. In the EV Confusion Carries On white paper, CDK Global looked at what makes EV shoppers unique in today’s automotive market and attempted to understand what’s contributing to this EV ambiguity.

The study questioned not only EV shoppers but those considering hybrids and traditional gasoline cars, and to our surprise, all were off base about EV benefits, even those planning to go electric.

Read our findings and discover:

  • The driving habits of EV shoppers
  • Which EV benefits shoppers misunderstand
  • How shoppers’ social networks influence their purchase
  • Where dealers sit in solving EV confusion

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