Capcom still has a “major unannounced” game to release before March 2024

Capcom still has a “major unannounced” game to release before March 2024

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And it looks set to come to consoles, too.

Capcom is teasing a “major unannounced title” for 2024.

Although the developer/publisher has yet to even announce what the game is, according to Capcom’s recent investor’s report, a “major title” will be available on console and be released in the second half of this financial year – which ends in March 2024, of course.

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As posted to Reddit’s Gaming Leaks and Rumours community, the report – which is currently only available in Japanese – makes two mentions of the mysterious title, including one that intimates that its release will help the megacorp realise its lofty goal of selling 45 million units on console.

The news has caused quite a flutter with Capcom fans, and speculation about what the game may be is rife, with Capcom’s tentpole franchises Monster Hunter and Resident Evil leading the charge. Will we find out more at The Game Awards? For now, all we can do is hope so.

The report also revealed that whilst Capcom’s “PC game market is consistently growing”, the company didn’t attribute that to Valve’s handheld, Steam Deck.

“Compared to the number of PC worldwide, [Steam Deck] sales figures remained limited, and it didn’t have much influence”, Capcom said.

European police have “taken down” the gang of ransomware attackers responsible for 2020’s high-profile Capcom hack, which saw confidential employee information and details on a swathe of upcoming games splashed across the internet.

The Ragnar Locker ransomware group was arrested at a string of addresses across the continent, in raids conducted last week in Czechia, Spain and Latvia, Europol has said.

Action against the group began on 16th October with the arrest of a “key target” in Paris, prompting a search of his Czechia home.

Capcom’s president and chief operating officer recently said he thinks game prices should go up.

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