Back to the Future cruises into PowerWash Simulator next month

Back to the Future cruises into PowerWash Simulator next month

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Where we’re going, we’ll need a hose.

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Image credit: FuturLab

PowerWash Simulator developer FuturLab has announced the next expansion pack for the game, a Back to the Future collaboration, will release on 16th November.

The crossover was initially teased last month, when FuturLab co-CEO Kirsty Rigden called Back to the Future a “dream IP” for the developer.

Players will get to scrub up iconic vehicles and buildings from the film series, including the Time Machine, Doc’s van, Hill Valley Clock Tower, the Holomax Theatre, and Doc’s Time Train.

PowerWash Simulator Back to the Future Special Pack Launch Date

FuturLab has stated The Back to the Future DLC will cost £6.49/$7.99/€7.99, the same price as its previous SpongeBob SquarePants DLC pack, and will be available for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch on 16th November.

The DLC will arrive shortly after PowerWash Simulator VR drops on 2nd November for Meta Quest headsets. We’re also expecting a date for Warhammer 40,000 DLC, which was announced back in May, and free seasonal content for Q4.

When Tom spoke to FuturLab earlier this year, we learnt how the studio was able to get its SpongeBob Squarepants DLC approved with rights holder Paramount and its future plans for the game.

During their chat, FuturLab’s sci-fi combat series Velocity was quickly touched upon. Yesterday, FuturLab announced Ikaro: Will Not Die, a spiritual successor to Velocity which aims to bring Velocity’s “satisfying flow-state action” to an action-adventure rogue-lite game.

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