Ayaka Matsumoto’s Mitsuya-sensei no Keikakuteki na Ezuke BL Manga Gets Live-Action Series

Ayaka Matsumoto’s Mitsuya-sensei no Keikakuteki na Ezuke BL Manga Gets Live-Action Series

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Bunkasha announced on Wednesday that Ayaka Matsumoto‘s Mitsuya-sensei no Keikakuteki na Ezuke (Mitsuya-sensei’s Plan to Feed Me) boys-love manga is inspiring a live-action series starring singer-songwriter Masayoshi Yamazaki (left in image below, Kiseki no Hito) as Ayumu Mitsuya, and Taisei Sakai (right, Ohsama Sentai King-Ohger) as Tomoya Ishida. The series will premiere on the MBS and TV Kanagawa channels on July 25, on TV Saitama on July 29, on Gunma TV on July 30, on Tochigi TV on July 31, and on Chiba TV on August 1. This is Yamazaki’s first starring role in a live-action series on broadcast television in 26 years.

Image via Comic Natalie

© 「三ツ⽮先⽣の計画的な餌付け。」製作委員会・MBS

Image via Comic Natalie

© Ayaka Matsumoto, Bunkasha

Katsumi Nojiri (live-action What Did You Eat Yesterday?) is directing the series, with scripts by Nami Kikkawa (live-action Daytime Shooting Star, Ride or Die, Kiss Him, Not Me). Tomohide Harada is composing the music. Yamazaki is also performing the series’ opening theme song.

The “human gourmet love story” begins when Tomoya Ishida, a rookie editor at a woman’s magazine who is still unsure of his job environment, is asked by a more experienced colleague to take charge of a regular food column written by an old man named Ayumu Mitsuya. Ishida decides to pay Mitsuya a visit, and upon meeting Mitsuya, sees him as a charming, witty gentleman with a cute side, and who can cook a delicious dish. Ishida’s interactions with Mitsuya begins to make the younger editor more comfortable in his job, and he begins to see Mitsuya not just as a work partner, but as something else entirely.

Matsumoto serialized the manga in Bunkasha‘s Manga Yomonga website from 2020 to 2022. Bunkasha published the manga’s second and final compiled book volume on January 17.

Matsumoto’s Unexpectedly Naughty Fukami (Yatara Yarashii Fukami-kun) manga is inspiring an anime under AnimeFesta‘s toridori boys love brand. Coolmic distributes the manga in English. Online manga service Renta! also publishes the manga.

Sources: PR Times, Comic Natalie

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