‘Arkham Knight’ Will Add Robert Pattinson’s Batman Suit, Eight Years Later

‘Arkham Knight’ Will Add Robert Pattinson’s Batman Suit, Eight Years Later

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Something extremely weird happened on Thursday; Batman: Arkham Knight had an update on the Epic Games Store which quietly added Robert Pattinson’s Batman suit to the game, eight years after it released. Then it…was gone.

While the upload obviously was an accident, the suit was not, and it looks like Arkham Knight, the famed conclusion to Rocksteady’s beloved trilogy, will in fact get that new-era suit all this time later. Why? And when, officially?

The most likely answer is that it will be added when the Arkham Trilogy is ported to Nintendo Switch on December 1, a month from now, as that’s the next time the game would be in the news, and provide a reason to add something new like the Pattinson skin.

Arkham Knight has something like 19 different suits already available from a million different eras of Batman. Classics are in there like the 1989 Keaton suit, the 2008 Bale suit, the 2016 Affleck suit, the old Adam West suit, a Batman Beyond suit. I mean really any major suit you can think of, so yes, it’s perfectly logical that Pattinson’s The Batman suit would get added, albeit I don’t think anyone imagined it would show up eight years later. But I guess the Switch port is a special occasion.

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The resurgence of Arkham Knight in the news is also a reminder of the existence of Rocksteady’s next, very different project. It’s still DC, it has some crossover characters, but it’s a wildly different format. That would of course be Suicide Squad, the co-op looter with arcade-y combat and an eye for live service-like ongoing missions and new content.

It’s reminiscent of what Gotham Knights tried and failed to do, and worse, Redfall, where Arkane went from quality single player games to losing themselves in a co-op, looter, live-service pursuit. Early gameplay footage from Suicide Squad concerned Arkham fans, and the game has been delayed to next year, though reportedly not because of that backlash. But it is unlikely that the game can seriously shift direction away from the co-op/loot/live aspects now. It was, however, always the case that most fans just hoped that Rocksteady would make a Superman or Batman Beyond game, or something similar, after Arkham, playing to their strengths.

Anyway, if you want a reason to boot up Arkham Knight again, you can wait for Pattinson’s Batman to drop in December. Enjoy.

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