Apex Legends studio making Star Wars Mandalorian game

Apex Legends studio making Star Wars Mandalorian game

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One of the three upcoming Star Wars games in development at Apex Legends and Titanfall studio Respawn is reportedly a bounty hunter game where you play as a Mandalorian.

That’s according to Insider Gaming, which said the project was still in the early stages of development, but was a first-person shooter starring a Mandalorian bounty hunter during the time of the Galactic Empire.

The report stops short of confirming the Mandalorian bounty hunter as Din Djarin, star of Disney+ hit TV series and upcoming Mandalorian movie. A time period set during the height of the Galactic Empire would also place the game prior to the TV series – making a Baby Yoda appearance unlikely.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor | Final Gameplay Trailer. Watch on YouTube

The project is reportedly being built around linear levels, and won’t be open world.

Respawn is reportedly focusing the experience of playing as a Mandalorian bounty hunter on their “mobility” and “style”, including use of a jetpack to zip about, horizontal dashing, vertical jumping and boost sliding (the latter of which is reportedly akin to sliding down hills in Apex Legends). Weapons and gadgets apparently include the full Mandalorian arsenal of wrist rockets, a grapple hook, and visor for tagging enemies and bounties.

The game is reportedly designed to feel “very fast-paced”, with players rewarded for successive kills with health regeneration.

EA announced Respawn was working on three Star Wars projects back in 2022. One of these was last year’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, another was a strategy game via a publishing collaboration with Bit Reactor, the recently-founded Maryland-based studio made up of veterans of XCOM and Civilization developer Firaxis Games.

The third was simply described at the time as a new Star Wars FPS – presumably this Mandalorian project.

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