Anuzis’ advice to Americans: Country can be won back in next election

Anuzis’ advice to Americans: Country can be won back in next election


Some people are thinking ahead.

“The good news: We have an election next year. Elections are about choices — not necessarily perfect or the best choices — but choices that matter. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Challenge the status quo. Don’t buy into the woke politics of the demented left,” writes political strategist Saul Anuzis, former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

“We are blessed to live in the most prosperous, free, and tolerant country in the world. It’s a republic still — if we can keep it. Voting matters. Pay attention: The world is changing and there are many who are pushing policies that will change our country and the world as we know it,” Mr. Anuzis advised in a written essay shared with Inside the Beltway.

“Ignoring the policies of these radicals guarantees your children and grandchildren will face unprecedented challenges — and the enemy may be from within. Policy matters. Education matters. Our institutions matter. Hiding in your suburb or cottage will not work. America is in for another revolution. But the good news is that this one will be fought at the ballot box,” continued Mr. Anuzis, who is also chairman of the nonprofit 60 Plus Association.

“America is a center-right nation when it’s awake. Wake up folks. The crazies are doing their best to control and direct society in a way that would make our founders roll over in their graves. America has been a beacon for freedom, liberty, and tolerance. It’s worth fighting for,” he concluded.

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The National Republican Congressional Committee reports that it raised $9.3 million in September.

“Democrats made life more expensive and dangerous for everyday Americans – they are completely fed up with these policies and they are desperate for relief,” said NRCC Chairman Richard Hudson in a written statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

“The NRCC is capitalizing on this enthusiasm,” he said, deeming it “record-breaking fundraising” — also revealing the committee raised $18.5 million in the third quarter of the year and has $36.1 million cash on hand.


Emerson College has released a new poll of voters and with some interesting findings.

“The October Emerson College Polling national survey of a potential 2024 presidential election finds former President Trump with 47% support, and President Biden with 45%. Eight percent of voters are undecided. Since last month, Biden has held his 45% of support, while Trump’s support has increased by two percentage points,” notes the poll analysis, released Friday.

Of interest are the all-important responses on the economy.

The survey found Mr. Trump with 47% support, and Mr. Biden with 45%. Another 8% of voters are undecided. Since last month, Mr. Biden has held his 45% of support, while Trump’s support has increased by two percentage points.

“Voters were asked who they think is responsible for the current condition of the U.S. economy: President Biden or former President Trump. 58% see Biden as responsible, and 28% see Trump as responsible and 14% are unsure,” the analysis continued.

“Of those who say they hold Biden responsible for the economy, 58% said they are worse off financially than they were a year ago with 23% saying they are better off,” said Spencer Kimball, executive director of Emerson College Polling, in a written statement.

“Of those who hold Trump responsible for the current economy, 39% reported being better off financially, while 27% said they were worse off,” Mr. Kimball said.

The Emerson College Polling survey of 1,578 registered U.S. voters was conducted Oct. 16-17.


Let us recall that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has promised that as a presidential candidate, he will complete “The Full Grassley” in his campaign visits to Iowa.

That term refers to Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa — who has made it a practice to visit every single county in Iowa every year for 43 consecutive years. That’s 99 counties, by the way.

So how is Mr. DeSantis doing in this quest at the moment?

“Ron DeSantis was back in Iowa holding multiple events across the state – he has now visited 83 of Iowa’s 99 counties, nearing completion of the ‘Full Grassley.’ He began his trip Friday night at Rep. [Mariannette} Miller-Meeks tailgate in Iowa City. Saturday morning, DeSantis packed the house at American Legion Post 6 in Dubuque, for a veterans coalition event. After, he transitioned to the Never Back Down bus tour as a special guest and stopped to greet diners at Darrell’s in Monticello,” the DeSantis campaign said in a written statement shared with Inside the Beltway.

Then it was on to Obie’s Bar & Restaurant in Maquoketa and Legends Sports Bar in Clinton.

“Look at what’s going on in the Congress. They’re like chickens with their heads cut off, they can’t even elect the Speaker of the House of Representatives. And it’s all about the theater. It’s all about the drama. It’s all about trying to get clicks on social media,” Mr. DeSantis told the assembled crowd.

“I’ll tell you, watching what these guys are doing — it only strengthens my belief that we need term limits for members of Congress. But the D.C. politicians, it is about theater over substance, they’re not producing results, causing problems, and they’re not fixing any problems. And that’s the total opposite of how we approach things in Florida,” the candidate said.


• 49% of registered U.S. voters are “very concerned” that the war between Israel and Hamas will escalate into a wider war in the Middle East; 54% of Republicans, 46% of independents and 53% of Democrats agree.

• 57% of women and 41% of men also agree.

• 36% of voters overall are “somewhat concerned” that the war will escalate into a wider war; 37% of Republicans, 38% of independents and 37% of Democrats agree.

• 34% of women and 38% of men also agree.

• 8% overall are “not so concerned” that the war will escalate into a wider war; 5% of Republicans, 10% of independents and 7% of Democrats agree.

• 4% of women and 13% of men also agree.

• 5% overall are “not concerned at all”; 4% of Republicans, 4% of independents and 3% of Democrats agree.

• 3% of women and 7% of men also agree.

SOURCE: A Quinnipiac University National Poll of 1,737 U.S. adults conducted Oct. 12-16.

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