AnimeFesta Brand Reveals Anime of Yaribeya Gurashi Manga

AnimeFesta Brand Reveals Anime of Yaribeya Gurashi Manga

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Suiseisha announced on Friday that Suika‘s Yaribeya Gurashi (Sex Room Life) manga is inspiring the next AnimeFesta (formerly Anime Zone and ComicFesta Anime ) adaptation. The new anime is titled Yoasobi Gurashi (Night Life). The manga is also releasing print on April 18 under the new Yoasobi Gurashi title.

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The manga’s story begins when Kazuto’s childhood friend and model Yayoi asks to stay at his apartment without any explanation. Kazuto often sees Yayoi go out with a guy after leaving his apartment, and idly wonders why she won’t stay at his place. One night, Yayoi asks Kazuto to not come home until morning after the graveyard shift at his part time job ends, since Yayoi is inviting a friend over. Kazuto guesses that she is bringing home a man to have sex with. When his suspicions prove true, a new relationship between them begins.

Suika launched the manga in WWWave Corporation‘s ComicFesta website in 2022.

WWWave Corporation owns the ComicFesta web manga service, as well as the AnimeFesta anime programming block. AnimeFesta (formerly Anime Zone and ComicFesta Anime) has produced short anime adaptations of over 25 manga from ComicFesta in the past six years, with many of the manga being adult or risque in nature. The first AnimeFesta anime was On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest (Sōryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni…), whose Japanese title has led to AnimeFesta anime sometimes being called “Sōryo-waku” (Sōryo-type) by fans. Most of the anime series have two different versions: a “broadcast” version (the censored version aired on television), and a “premium” uncensored version distributed online. WWWave Corporation releases many of the anime title in English on its Coolmic website.

The latest AnimeFesta anime was Adam’s Sweet Agony (Modaete yo, Adam-kun), the anime of Toyo‘s manga of the same name. AnimeFesta started streaming the first anime episode on December 8. The Tokyo MX and BS11 television channels, as well as the YouTube and Niconico streaming services, began running the anime on January 7. The Coolmic manga and anime website began streaming an English-subtitled version of the anime on December 26.

Sources: Adam’s Sweet Agony anime’s Twitter account via Ota-Suke

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