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Mājas Entertainment Amazon Music Announced As ‘Exclusive Merch Provider’ for Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas...

Amazon Music Announced As ‘Exclusive Merch Provider’ for Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas Residency

Amazon Music Announced As ‘Exclusive Merch Provider’ for Mariah Carey’s Las Vegas Residency

Amazon Music is officially “the exclusive merch provider” for Mariah Carey’s new Las Vegas residency. Photo Credit: Amazon Music

Amazon Music is officially “the exclusive merch provider” behind Mariah Carey’s new Celebration of Mimi Las Vegas residency.

The Amazon-owned streaming platform just recently announced the deal, with the artist’s latest residency kicking off at Park MGM’s Dolby Live theater today. Those who attend the shows (and those who visit Park MGM’s lobby gift shop) can, of course, purchase merch in person.

But on the e-commerce side, the Amazon Music collection, featuring a number of “exclusive items,” looks to be the only way to buy the products directly. That includes a variety of Celebration of Mimi t-shirts ($45 each), several types of sweatshirts ($90 apiece), a “fuzzy bucket hat” ($40), the vinyl anniversary edition of The Emancipation of Mimi ($32.99), and sweatpants ($90).

And while they didn’t seem to be available for purchase at the time of this writing, multiple additional items yet, among them a tote bag, a tumbler, a denim jacket, and a satin robe, are also part of the collection, Amazon Music disclosed.

It’s unclear whether Amazon is involved with the in-venue merch; coordination on inventory comes to mind given the exclusive nature of the items. In any event, it’ll be interesting to monitor the commercial results of the tie-up, which will presumably span the entire Celebration of Mimi residency.

Having started today, as mentioned, the event’s initial run is scheduled to wrap on Saturday, April 27th. Then, as a result of “extraordinary demand,” a second set of performances will begin on Friday, July 26th, and conclude on Saturday, August 10th, 55-year-old Carey announced yesterday.

Between the residency runs, certain diehard fans (possibly including past attendees and current ticketholders) could well turn to the e-commerce giant for the five-time Grammy winner’s merch; some of the products are already climbing Amazon’s sales rankings.

Moreover, logic and evidence suggest that the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer-songwriter would move all manner of items should the residency extend to or near the holiday season. Bigger picture, it’ll be worth closely following the ways Amazon Music leverages its parent’s decidedly significant merch capabilities, which competitors such as Spotify and Apple Music appear to lack.

Admittedly, these efforts aren’t new; Amazon Music launched a merch store, complete with exclusive products, back in 2021. But the increasingly high-profile initiatives seem to have ramped up as of late, including, besides the Mariah Carey union, a Renaissance Tour agreement with Beyoncé, a merch-integration pact with Bandsintown, and Stagecoach 2024 merch.

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