Alan Wake 2’s PC specs are here

Alan Wake 2’s PC specs are here

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“These PC requirements are scary AF.”

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Image credit: Remedy

Remedy has revealed the full system requirements to run its highly-anticipated sequel, Alan Wake 2, on PC.

Offering minimum, recommended, and ultra specs – as well as what you’ll get if you select low, medium, and high ray tracing settings – players can assess how their machines will fare when running the PC version… and it certainly seems that you’ll need a pretty powerful rig just to run it, let alone max out the performance.

Behind the scenes of Alan Wake 2.

The requirements, which were posted to its social media channels overnight, show that upscalers will be required for 30fps, and the game will take up around 90GB of your storage.

You can see the full spec breakdown below:

Looks like we are gonna need to wait for Alexander Battaglia’s optimised settings from Digital Foundry to get to the bottom of performance vs visuals,” said one wise commenter. “These PC requirements are scary AF.”

If you’re super-excited for the release of Alan Wake 2 later this month but can’t quite recall the events of the first game – which is entirely reasonable seeing as the original version came out over a decade ago) – Fortnite of all places might have the answer. Yes, really.

Epic has whacked a free playable 20-minute Alan Wake recap episode into Fortnite that should serve as a refresher.

At last week’s EGX, we asked Remedy boss Sam Lake your questions about the sequel, and you certainly had some great things to ask him. Check out the full interview right here.

Alan Wake 2 releases 27th October on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S.

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