A single father was arrested in Russia for his daughter’s anti-war drawing

54-year-old Aleksei Moskalyov from Tula region was detained on Tuesday, but his daughter Masha was taken to an orphanage, reports the non-governmental organization “OVD-Info”.

The organization and the independent news portal “Spektr” report that in the spring of 2022 – shortly after Russia’s repeated invasion of Ukraine – Masha, a sixth-grade student, was assigned to draw a picture in support of Russian soldiers at school. Instead, the girl drew Ukrainian war victims and wrote the words “No to war” and “Glory to Ukraine”. The school principal has informed the police about it.

A day later, Masha’s father was called to the police station, where he was fined for undermining the reputation of the Russian army. At that time, Moskalyov’s comments on social networks were cited as the official pretext for the punishment.

However, in the winter, when Masha’s critical statements about the war were also found on the Internet, the police searched the Moskalyovs’ apartment and started a criminal investigation.

Moskalyov now faces up to three years in prison, “OVD-Info” reports.

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