A Real-Life (But Fake) Delicious in Dungeon Cafe to Open in Tokyo

A Real-Life (But Fake) Delicious in Dungeon Cafe to Open in Tokyo
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In the realm of slice-of-life anime, there is a small subset of foodie series. We’re talking your Cooking Papa, Oishinbo, and Wakako-zake, among many more. But, in recent years, foodie anime have slowly entered other genres as well. Take, for instance, Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Sōma. While the series certainly revolves around food, it is far closer to an action series. And now the 2024 series Delicious in Dungeon takes foodie series to the realm of fantasy by making dishes out of monsters that lurk in dungeons. But what would the food from Delicious in Dungeon look like in real-life? Well, the Shibuya Delicious in Dungeon Shop in Tokyo will give us exactly that.

— 「ダンジョン飯」アニメ公式 (@dun_meshi_anime) January 9, 2024

An exhibition event will be held in the city of Shibuya! 🎊
“Shibuya Delicious in Dungeon Shop” 🐲🍴

Limited to 4 days from Thursday, January 18 to Sunday, January 21! 📅
“Shibuya Delicious in Dungeon Shop” will appear in Shibuya N Space 🍖
It’s an admission-free exhibition event 👀
A limited number of visitor gifts are also available each day 🍜

Please come see us next week in Shibuya #ダンジョン飯

Announced on January 9 on X (formerly Twitter), the two-story Shibuya Delicious in Dungeon Shop will feature (roughly translated), “Samples of monster food and other items from the story” on the first floor, and the second will showcase an introduction to the story as well as a life-sized statue of one of the series main characters, Laios. It should be noted, though, the shop will not actually serve any food, but rather showcase replicas of the food from the series. So, we’ll likely see the soup and tart from the first episode, along with other dishes that will appear later in the series.

While it’s unfortunate we can’t sample most of the food, the staff will give away a limited number of Original Dragon Broth Ramen packs to visitors. The staff describes the ramen broth as being taken from the marrow of a red dragon, but tastes of pork broth and soy sauce. This may seem a bit underwhelming at first, but that’s the fantasy of it all. The Delicious in Dungeon homepage includes an allergy warning of soba and eggs.

— 「ダンジョン飯」アニメ公式 (@dun_meshi_anime) January 9, 2024

\🐲 The Shibuya Delicious in Dungeon Shop will open on 1/18 🍴//

Click here for the limited number of admission gifts each day! 🎁
“Shinkotsu [Dragon broth] Ramen (Tonkotsu [pork broth] Soy Sauce Flavor)”
Instant ramen will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis! 🍜

We took the soup stock from Red Dragons … maybe? 🐉
(※ Tonkotsu soy sauce flavor)

Please come see us next week in Shibuya #ダンジョン飯! ✨

The Shibuya Delicious in Dungeon Shop will be in the n_space in Shibuya (five minutes from the Hachiko Memorial Statue). The shop will be open between Thursday, January 18 to Sunday, January 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Admission is free, but entry may be limited if the shop is at or over capacity. So, if you’re in Shibuya and love Delicious in Dungeon why not checkout the shop and satiate your cravings (or at least your feast your eyes) on some food made from monsters.

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