A house was built for Kabaeva near Putin’s residence. She probably gets there on a special railway line

Former Russian artistic gymnast, head of the board of directors of the state propaganda concern National Media Group (NMG) and considered the mother of war criminal Vladimir Putin’s children, Alina Kabaeva and her relatives own a series of real estate properties with a total value of at least 120 million US dollars, researched by the Russian in the latest investigation by the investigative journalism publication “Projekt”.

The house was built a few hundred meters from Putin’s residence

According to satellite images, the 1,200 square meter house was started to be built in 2020. Construction was completed two years later. In 2021, a boat pier was built next to the house, from which you can cross the canal and get to the 28-hectare park.

Part of the territory around the Valdaja residence is located in the Valdaja National Park, so this territory is protected by law.

“Proekt” for the first time published a photo of Putin’s residence on Valdae and told that near it they built a wooden terem for Kabaeva and their common children https://t.co/EBZrVJP0yr pic.twitter.com/gDVqmkjley

— Медиазона (@mediazzzona) February 28, 2023 Kabaeva’s house is located on land owned by businessman Yury Kovalchuk – 800 meters from the house built for Vladimir Putin in the early 2000s.

“Projekt” claims that her children constantly spend time at Kabaeva’s house. It has also been investigated that the former gymnast has five assistants. Two of them are her cousins. Assistants visit her regularly to look after and take care of her children.

As an indirect proof that children come to the residence, the publication found that there is a large children’s playground.

An apartment and a country house were bought for one of Kabayeva’s assistants near her residence. At the same time, the publication emphasizes that she could not do it with her official income.

Perhaps Kabaeva and her children, like Putin himself, use a special railway line and guarded station when traveling to the residence. “Projekt” has also researched that the station has a helipad. According to local residents, Putin used to fly to the residence by helicopter from there.

Inside Putin’s ultra-luxe palace he shares with his girlfriend

Russian president Vladimir Putin is living with his girlfriend, gymnast Alina Kabaeva, and their children in a luxury palace, according to a new investigation.https://t.co/y6Byt2Iaph pic.twitter.com/wbclQWZ5p0

— Newzander News (@NewzanderNews) March 2, 2023Separate houses for Kabaeva’s needs are not only at Putin’s residence in Valday, but also at his residences in Sochi and Novo-Ogaryov, Moscow region. Secret railway stations have also been built there.

Kabaeva owns more than 20 apartments and houses

In total, the publication investigated more than 20 properties in Moscow, Sochi and Valdai, the actual owner of which is Alina Kabaeva. Most of them are registered with her family members or businessmen close to Putin.

The most expensive of the properties actually owned by Kabaeva is an apartment in the “Royal Park” complex in Sochi.

— Julia Ioffe (@juliaioffe) February 28, 2023 This 2,600-square-meter apartment has a pool, a movie theater, and a private helipad on the roof of the house. The apartment has 20 rooms, including a billiard room, a dance hall, a sauna, a solarium, a fireplace room and a bar.

In 2021, the Russian real estate database CIAN recognized this apartment as the largest apartment in Russia.

The owner of the complex is businessman Olegs Rudnovs. According to the publication, he entered the circle of businessmen close to Putin already in the nineties.

At Kabaeva’s request, two more apartments with a total area of 233 square meters were purchased in the same house. They were given to her grandmother.

Hidden millions in Cyprus

To buy a series of exclusive properties, Putin and Kabaeva, as well as their relatives, use Putin’s money, hidden in a Cypriot company.

Information about the Cypriot company “Ermira Consultants”, which has registered capital shares in companies important to Putin, has been studied. The journalists managed to meet with the former business manager of a close friend of Putin. This friend allegedly had a connection with a secret financial network, which also included the company “Ermira”.

This information source revealed that until 2015, “Ermira” belonged to a fictitious owner – St. Petersburg lawyer Vladislav Kopilov.

Ermira accounts paid for various purchases for Putin and his relatives. Apartments and houses were also bought with the money of this company.

Kopilov was officially the owner of “Ermira” until March 2015, when several offshore companies became the owner of the company, most likely behind it are people connected with Putin’s friend and oligarch Arkady Rotenberg.

The information source confirms that Putin’s relatives regularly met with both Rotenberg and another close friend of Putin’s Yuriy Kovalchuk, as well as with people subordinate to them, and indicated what they needed. These things were later bought with “Ermira” money.

US sanctions

On August 2, 2022, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Alina Kabaeva, the likely candidate for the Russian presidency.

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